Got my first FR guitar the other day and i've been searching over youtube for a good divebomb lesson but i can't manage to find one that i understand.

Can anyone explain how the technique generally works or knows of a good video?

I know it has to do with natural harmonics and that's about it.

Thanks in advance (:
Hit a harmonic, pinched or otherwise, and then lower the pitch rapidly with the trem arm.

Not much else to it...
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Here you go, probably the master of the divebomb listen to what Dimebag has to say.

If its too tricky to follow I will break it down.

- hit your open G string (flick it with your finger without fretting a note)
- dump your FR down (push it towards the guitar)
- now pull the natural harmonic from the fret that you want
- as soon as you hear the harmonic ringing out pull back on that FR

Now you should be getting some nice divebomb squeals going on, it may take a little practice and of course works the best with a decent amount of gain.
basically its using the wammy bar after a pinch harmonic. the pinch harmonic is the hardest part of that so look up how to do pinch harmonics then practice them.

quick lesson: pick downward and let the string hit your thumb ever so slightly causing the string to throw into a different wavelength. You are looking for sound similar to a bell. when played though an amp it really sounds like a high pitched scream. practice them UNPLUGGED. if u can get them to ring unplugged its 100000x easier plugged in.

pick at either 50 percent mark or the 25 percent mark on the string from the fret your finger is holding down to the bridge.

attempt pinch harmonics here.

the 25 percent will ring higher.
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