Hi. Don't kill me for this, but recently I came into the following thoughts:

Well everyone knows books on paper or pdfs can be considered old school and video tutorials 'the future', but after a while I just realized that full video tutorials are very 'slow learning' and I prefer the old school way, eg: books with audio jams.

To me the ideal would be: books + audio jams + short clips just to see the instructor hands.

It's a lite package ... books are easy to scan ... videos are much harder to do a fast scan and it's very common to see the tutor repeating himself.

Well, just my 0.02 on DVD tutorials nowadays.
For me there was a certain point where largely it became easier to watch someone else play it and emulate that, i usually find that easier and then going back over tab or sheet music to work on any rough spots.
To be honest, I HATE video lessons. For me, it's sheet music and audio.

I don't like video lessons because they just don't make you read off of the stave!


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