Hey pit i need your help . Im 17 years old and at the moment doing a 1 year Music Technology course at a college in britain. The course will start at 1 year and then go on to 3 years. Now the thing i need help with is that im not sure how many jobs are in music technology and although i am enjoying it i want to travel and visit more of the world. I hate the tiny town i am living in and the people there and want to go to different places. However the credit crunch has me stuck here and as i recently went to Greece and worked over there and got my own apartment and had my first taste of independence i really cant stand it back at home anymore.

I am thinking of joining the military for the shortest amount of time possible to give me a trade and so i can experience something too. I just kind of feel that im going to end up going nowhere on this college course and end up with no job prospects and i hate my home town and my friends all just play the xbox (although i do love my family XP). I have 10 gcse's and although they dont count for much it means i have a reasonable selection of roles in the military i can choose from.

I am going to think this over for at least a month btw, im not going to just sign up tomorrow :P
and what exactly do you need help with?
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Wales has an army?

What do you need to protect yourselves from? Sheep?
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lol sorry do you think i should join the army for a while or stay in college doing music technology for 3 years XP lol
Music > Army
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College for 3 years, drop out at any time. Or army for 4 years minimum, and once you've done the 12 weeks basic, you can't drop out by law.
I did Music Tech for 3 years at college, and it was good. I could get to a semi-decent Uni now and do something in Audio Engineering if I wanted, but I ran into the same decision. College is that time after school where you really do what the hell you like to see how it goes. Just go for it. If it's not for you, do something else at Uni, or..yeah, join the army.
wales is full of young 13 year old mums and a whole country of people slowly being annexed as part of england but don't realise it.

OP just join the army as an EOD specialist. They need those more than ever and it won't be boring.