Hi, my fender strat keeps cutting out, i bought it new about a year and a half ago, and it keeps sorta cutting out if i move about when im playing (im not throwing it across the room in a nirvana end of gig way either). i've changed leads, and it happens with 2 different ones, and my epiphone 335 doesnt have this problem with any of the leads. The connection inside to the jack plug looks like it might be going a bit. Should i just solder this and see if it improves in any way?

Suggestion very much needed and welcome!
If the connections look dodgey resolder them. The socket could just need cleaning. Spray a bit of contact cleaner on a plug and work it in and out of the socket a few times. If resoldering and cleaning doesn't work, replace the socket.
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like said check the wires.

take the jack out and see if both are connected.


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