new guitar time is fast approaching So hears the deal, looking for a new guitar for metal that copes well with drop D, don't want a floyd rose or any other type of trem!! No strat or super strats!! preferably either les paul/single cut or explorer body shape, open to suggestions though no more than £400 please!

thanks for the help.
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Most any guitar will do Drop D easily, just shove a set of 10's on and you'll be fine. I'd look at the Ibanez ART series and the ESP LTD Eclipse series.

Saying that though you're Epi should be able to play metal with not much problem. What Amp are you playing through?
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yeah the epi is not too bad but doesn't hold tuning too well, my main amp is a vox vt but i have a blackheart half stack for gigs and stuff
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I was going to suggest the LTD EC or Ibby ART so props to ChemicalFire
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If it doesn't hold tuning well: ask yourself some questions before buying a new guitar (if you don't need it).

- Are the strings old? (Or: did you stretch the strings? If not do so on a new set)
- Maybe you want a heavier gauge and/or get your guitar set-up for your preferred tuning?
- Do you use multiple tunings on the same guitar and do you switch a lot? (This should improve the stretched-ness of your strings, but it is not that good for stability, I reckon)
- Is it more affordable or desirable to just buy some better tuners and/or bridge-pieces?

If all of these are 'No.', then consider buying a new guitar

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They are all big fat No's saddly as I really like my epi!
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Edit: Arz uses a fat neck akin to the epi lp, so it should feel decent, downside: made in china. I bought an arz800 for my buddy at his wedding and the finish quality is absolute shit. But it plays pretty well, amazing upper fret access for a les paul. Also the emg 60 is alot better for leads then the 85 imo.
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Just lock your bridge on your guitar and it will be fine.

And set up intonation.

Well until you want to fool around with different tunings, then the floating trem becomes a royal PITA.
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