Hello everyone!
A week ago my guitar teacher gave me these two chords with a pattern for me to learn, but I did not manage to practice, and I forgot what they looked like. And yes, I did use those guitar chord programs, but these weren't available there. I just remember vaguely that F 7/9 looked something like this:


And Bb 7/13 was in the same area of the fretboard.

So if anyone could show me what these chords look like, I would really appreciate it!
Thanks in advance.
F9 looks like
B 8 -the ninth of the chord (G)
G 8- the dom. 7th of the chord (Eb)
D 7-the 3rd of the chord (A)
A 8- the root of the chord (F)

Bb13 looks like
B 8 -the 13th of the chord (G) common tone with F9
G 7 - the 3rd of the chord (D)
D 6 -the dom. 7th of the chord (Ab)
E 6 -the root of the chord (Bb)
Oh I see! So an F9 is the same as an F7/9? That's why I couldn't find it in the list of chords on the guitar chord site. Thank you so much, these were the chords I was looking for! And sorry for the inconvenience, I suck at music theory.