This is a message to all fans of heavy rock bands.

I'm trying to promote my 4 piece group "Wires Faulty" and I thought that you guys here on UG would like to know. We are influenced by such monsters of rock as Alter Bridge and Stone Sour as just to name a few, along with many other softer rock and even metal bands.

I'm posting here because I know how helpful the community is here and many of it's members are into the genre


I'm asking you to take a look, especially if your into these genres. If you like what you hear, like the page and become a fan, and if you really like what you hear, buy the album "Hold Your Breath" from itunes, links are on the page.

Finally, if you do live in the South East of England, come check us out live when we are playing, or if you yourself are in a band and would like to support us, or be supported by us, drop us a message on the facebook page, me or one of the other guys will get straight back to you!

Peace out

Also any friends you have that might be interested, show them too!
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Like for like as well, just leave the link for your band and i'll get right on it :P
For anyone living in Kent area of UK, October 15th Ivy Leaf Bar Sheerness - Supporting ex cradle of filth member Sarah Jezebel Deva
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Started writing new track last night, some real groovy funky dirty stuff. stuff to get down low to!