So I can get a Gibson Les Paul Studio in Ebony from 1995 for <£500. It's 16 years old but the kind of thing I'm looking for so should I go for it?
Depends on its condition etc. Also, I'd never buy a second hand guitar if you havent seen/played it in person
I always see the GBP price and crap my pants when my brain does the conversion; however I also always forget how much it costs to import stuff into Britain. If you can as the previous poster mentioned get your hands on it and see if it feels right, I went through four Gibson Explorers before I got the one I wanted and I had to wait a week for the store to bring it in for me to check out before I even bought it. I certainly don't regret waiting because as soon as I took the guitar out of the case and held onto the neck I knew it was the one, didnt even have to pay a single note one it, I knew just by the feel. Now that I have rambled it seems like a decent price for a semi-vintage guitar if it hasnt had any repairs done to it and its the style you want definitely dont pass it up, could regret it in the future.
It's in good condition and is legit however I won't have the chance to try it beforehand.
Quote by mnf50
It's in good condition and is legit however I won't have the chance to try it beforehand.

Why not? Do you know the person you are buying it from? with a Guitar that old, I'd want to play it first. You need to check for fret wear because if it was played alot the frets are gonna need some work, or possibly a total re-fret which is far from cheap normaly
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post pics.

surely someone sent you pics right?
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