I need a small tube amp that take pedals ( specially dirt ) very well cause my whole rig will be centered around my pedalboard ( distortion , od etc.) . so i guess the amp need to be more than 5 watts to give me headroom for my dirt pedals but i only play at home and band practice with a drummer . so i was guessing in the 15, 20 , 30 watts .

- egnater rebel 20 or 30
-vox nighttrain
- orange tiny terror

im open to every suggestion about what would be best for me . id like to spend around 400-500 but i can stretched easily to 600-700 .. but dont wanna go 2000+ ( boutique DR Z etc.. ) .

id like to keep my setup simple .

**** heres my current gear ( if interested ) , i play mostly punk rock , pop punk ,thrash metal ( metallica megadeth etc..)

pedals :

-mjm phantom overdrive ( tubescreamer )
-big muff pi w tone wicker
- mi audio crunch box
- r3fx dual resistafier ( dual recto clone )
- eq and noise gate

-1x12 marshall 1980 jcm cabinet with celestion g12-65 ( 8ohm)
Bedroom rock star :

- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
- Agile 3200 Slim
if you want the majority of your tone to come from your pedals then a tiny terror probably isn't too bad of an option. i've been seeing the carvin v3 being tossed around a lot on here so that would probably also be worth a look. i don't know how well the night train would work for ur metal tones. punk would probably work well but not so much for metal.

so if you just want a super clean, barebones tone machine to run pedals thru the tiny terror is probably a good option
Jet City JCA 20h takes pedals well. The Egnater is a pretty nice amp also. Marshall Class 5 head is a pretty nice amp. VHT special 6 ultra is pretty killer amp. Bugera V55 are a really nice amp with great cleans and a diecent dirty ch.
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If your spending the money on an amp...why not find one with a killer dirt channel. The real deal is better than a distortion pedal IMO.
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Quote by mmjohn
If your spending the money on an amp...why not find one with a killer dirt channel. The real deal is better than a distortion pedal IMO.

Can you suggest a brand?
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@robbgnarly, I've got the special 6 ultra and it is a real nice building platform to mess around with pedals and whatnot. i haven't had any issues with it.

@stealstrings, blackstar is gonna have som seriously killer tone and for that price he'd be able to get an ht20 or ht40. bugera (tho they had a bad rep) has some really great, high gain stuff. i believe the tri-rec is only $800 as a head. and finally, and i can't believe i'm saying this, the line 6 spider valve head has a seriously killer tone and can really shake the earth with searing high gain if you want it to