In a previous post I mentioned getting a free cab.

Now that it is in my possession, I have found out it was a Peavey TNT 115, sans amp, just housing a Peavey Black Widow 1505-DT 8ohm speaker. I currently have a unknown 15 cab rated at 8 ohms, and a Genz Benz rated at 4. My main amp runs at 4 and I prefer using two, my problem is I the peavey cab/amp is HUGE, and my current cabs are small. I am considering putting the Black Widow into one of my smaller cabs so I can run both at 4 ohms. Anyone know the math or have suggestions on which cab is best suited for the job?

Edit: I'll provide the measurements, if I get the formulas or needed specs.

Pics Soon
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Genz Benz cab, or head?

If all your cabs are running at 8ohms, and you put any two of them together, you will be running 4 ohms. The speaker also doesnt make a difference as long as it is the same amount of ohms. What you need to watch out for is the possibility that one of the cabinets is not rated for as many watts as you thought it was.

Now, I hope your not asking if you can stick an extra speaker into a cabinet that already has speakers in it, and make it automatically run at 4 ohms
^ what are you talking about?

Sorry if I wasn't clear. I have two 1x15 cabs, one's an ARP-115H-1 by CGM Music (never heard of them, but they are out of business apparently) it runs at 8 ohms, 200 RMS. The second is an unheard of GB-115 Genz Benz 1x15 cab 4 ohms at ?? wattage (the closest thing in name looks nothing like it, and when I emailed the company, they said they never made a 4 ohm 1x15" cab, it says Genz Benz 4 ohm 1x15 on the label on the back??). So I have two mystery 1x15's. Now today I got an old Peavey TNT 115 for free, the owner dismantled everything leaving only extremely new looking aforementioned Black Widow rated at 8 ohms.

So my question originally was does anyone think sticking it in the Genz Benz mystery cab would be acoustically sound? I want both 8 ohms in the similar size cabs to use as a 4 ohm stack for my GK MB200, that way I can put the 4 ohm in the TNT carcass and have it be a "smaller" set up. OR when I use my Peavey Mark IV head, I can use everything for a 300 watt 3x15 fest.

My other questions are can anyone tell me anything about the 3 cabs I mentions and there innards/history etc.

also the Genz Benz speaker I just took out, just has a label "EMINENCE SAMPLE # 15-4403... then NOM Z 4 what is that?

And here's the disassembled cab in my rig that's finally about finished
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