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Don't own/Havn't owned one
0 0%
7 15%
32 70%
4 9%
2 4%
0 0%
5 or more
1 2%
Voters: 46.
I have a droid and it just fell off the desk. The screen cracked for the 2nd time in a little over a year (was my 2nd droid.) Fortunately I have insurance and can get a replacement (again) for $50, but yea, I should probably start using a case for it...

I have some friends whose numbers are higher than that though, hopefully mine will hang at 2 from now on...

edit: I made the poll with 7 options, it included a 5 or more option. But i can only see 6 options on the poll screen, is this a ug glitch or something?
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Zero times on two iPods and one Android.

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Where's the 'never' option?


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Never, and I've dropped my iPod touch and my Droid X2 several times.

In fact I've dropped my iPod on the street at least twice from about waist to chest height, and it was fine.
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Where's the 'never' option?


That would be the "0" answer.
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on a side note, i made this poll w 7 options, including a "5 or more" but it only appears to have 6, anybody know why?
Tick tock and waiting for the meteor
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That would be the "0" answer.

High. So very high.
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once on my old iPod touch, once on my new HTC Desire.

edit: tried and failed to fix the iPod myself, took the phone to a shop.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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Once on an ipod and once on my zen (which is annoying 'cause the screen looks funky now).
i lol at all the iphone sheep, my friend had a perfectly good galaxy and got over it, bought a iphone4, not 3days later he bent down to pick something up and it fell outa his top pocket, smashed the screen to shit haha.

ive droped my nokia n900 multiple times, concrete, down three stairs, getting out of the car etc, and it hasnt cracked. long live the mini super computer!
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Once. I've only owned one ipod touch, and it cracked. I didn't even do anything, I put it in a drawer for a year and when I pulled it out again it was broken.