I just started working for a band that has been around for a long time. At our last show the guitarist's deluxe memory man was having power issues. There was no time to address it, so we went on without it and he gave it to me to tech out later. I fixed the power issue but found a lot more going on with this poor thing. This DMM looks to be from the 80's and has probably been abused on the road for over 20 years. Someone else was in here before me and removed both the power switch and the chorus/vibrato switch (they also gaff taped the power wires together, I removed the tape and soldered them together...). The circuit board was loose, most of the screws to the backplate are missing, it is held together with gaff tape.

Symptoms: the pedal takes a long time to "warm up" before it makes produces anything like a normal effect. When you first turn it on, turning the knobs (even without the pedal activated; activating it just makes it louder and more wild) generates really weird noise. The pedal almost acts like a synthesizer. You can actually get some interesting sounds out of it but it is very inconsistent. After a few minutes it slowly stops making weird noises, until finally after maybe 10 minutes it starts acting like a memory man and you can almost get normal delay sounds out of it. Still sounds noisy and dirty though.

Circuitry is not my thing, I don't know what is wrong with this or how to fix it. My questions for you guys who do know this stuff are:

Is this kind of problem something you have heard of? Is it common? Can you explain what causes it? Can it be fixed by someone who can solder and follow instructions (that's me)? Can it be fixed by sending it to a pro? Is it more cost effective to just replace it?
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It's not a common problem from what I've seen though I think I've seen a post over on TGP from one person having a problem with it. Repairs really need to be done by someone who knows the circuit and can diagnose the problem. It's very tough to diagnose a pedal without having it in hand and can be tough to tell someone the fix if it's not easy. Howard Davis, the designer of the DMM, does repairs and the like but he's a bit pricey. Ronsound would do the repairs but apparently people have been having problems with extremely slow service. I've had nothing but great experience with him though when he fixed a Ringstinger I sold to a guy.

Good luck. It's always a shame seeing a broken DMM. Love them.
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