the dotted part is an eighth note. since it is dotted it lasts for an eigth note and a half wich would be a 16th. so its an eigth +16th
so you would count that section as 1...2e and a 3. so the dotted one is sustained untill the 3rd chord is played on the "a". same thing for the next half of that bar. and ditto for the whole next bar.

i believe i failed at explaining but i hope it helped
A dot adds half of a note's value.

A quarter note consists of two eighth notes, so a dotted quarter note will consist of three eighth notes, that's one and a half beats. So to complete two beats, you need to add one eighth note.

An eighth note consists of two sixteenths, so a dotted eighth note will consist of three sixteenths. To complete that one beat, it needs to be capped off with one sixteenth.

Tap your foot on the beat, and sing 1 e + a, clap (placing emphasis) on the "1" and the "a". That's how it feels.
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ONE e and a TWO e and A THREE e and a FOUR e and A...each syllable representing each semi-quaver.

Also, when a note is dotted, multiply the note duration by 1.5.

E.g. a dotted semibreve lasts for 6 beats.

In your example, the dotted quaver means the beat lasts for 1.5 quavers, or 3 semi-quavers. That last semiquaver completes the beat.


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Bumping this because I don't want to make a new thread devoted to a quick question and the title fits my question....on with it:

How can I count a more complex rhythm such as Can't Stop by RHCP...I know it's 4/4 but I can't figure out all the notes so that I can really work it on a metronome..and most of the accented notes fall off of the 1 2 3 4 so I have trouble just tapping my foot because some notes will lag a bit behind and some...blah blah blah


can anyone help me out??

I just need the main riff, I got the intro, but it took me forever, anyone have any suggestions formaking this stuff easier I know my drummer friend was like duh, but this stuff is killing me
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