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The average for me is around 2. The other food is some kind of mix of snacks and sometimes a proper breakfast etc, and late night food sometimes also.
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Breakfast is usually the one that I don't have properly. Normally is just scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee (or maybe 2 cups <.< >.>.
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4 when I'm at home all day...breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a meal around 11.

When I'm working, usually 3.
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I normally don't eat breakfast, I have a sandwich for lunch, and I just eat something quick for dinner (occasionally a proper meal). And I snack on things, the amount depending on the day.

So 1-2.
Breakfast is usually a yogurt or something

Lunch is usually a sandwich

I snack a lot

Then usually a big homemade dinner that my mom makes. God, she makes the best food.

So two I guess. Sometimes I have eggs or something for breakfast, so maybe three.

Thank god most of everything besides the snacks are fairly healthy, or I would be fat

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Uni... Usually not out of bed until lunchtime, then I only have a sandwich or something. Dinner is really my only proper meal in the day. So yeah, 1.
I usually just eat at lunch and then snack throughout the rest of the day.
I very rarely eat breakfast, and when I do it's just a small bowl of cereal of a slice of toast.
Lunch..I have a sandwich and something else maybe 4/5 days out of 7.
Dinner I have a proper hot meal every day.
I always eat in more smaller increments, than the standard 3 big meals and nothing else routine which is just shit.
So I'd say averages at 1 or 2.
Second breakfast
Afternoon snack

That's 6 right there.
Sometimes I combine the first three into brunch.
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3 if you count a bowl of cereal as a decent breakfast.

Also depends on what you mean by a "full meal".
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Lunch and dinner makes a winner
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2. I just can't stomach public school lunch anymore, and I'm too forgetful to bring my own.

edit: By this thread's standards, I have 1 then, as my breakfast of cereal and cocoa doesn't seem to cut it as a meal to some people.
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Rarely more than 3. More often I just snack all day and have dinner, and then snack some more.
1-2. I usually just have a little breakfast that's not much. Then I have a little lunch, not much in it either. Then I have a large dinner. Sometimes, though, I have a big breakfast. I snack a lot too..
3-5, + one- three protein shakes

breakfast is important, but i usually cant stomach lots of food in the morning so ill either just eat someting small but nutritious and/ or take a protein suplement, ill eat lunch at school, a second lunch wen i get home, dinner, and then a second dinner if i have enough time.
Like, one real meal. I usually half a piece of toast, or half of one, for breakfast. Skip lunch. Eat dinner.
i wake up, dont eat all day and after i get home around 12, i make a small meal, get high and then eat it. after than i snack a little bit and repeat the process.
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I don't get how some of you skip meals. I pretty much eat throughout the entire day.

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One or two, yayy college.
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About two and a half. By that I mean I usually eat either two or three full meals.
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Four. That's breakfast, lunch, master snack(tea time), dinner. I often snack inbetween on 150-200 kcals.
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