Do you guys wipe down your strings every time you play? If so, what do you use, a micro fiber towel? I notice my fingers get black, is that from the strings or the fret boards?
I wipe my strings down after every long practice session and gig. I only use a handkerchief, though, so I don't really think it does much. And considering how humid it is here, it doesn't matter really. I have to change strings constantly.
Nope and i sweat like a pig when im playing. I change strings every month so rusting is not really an issue for me.
Only if I sweat A LOT, like after a show. I see no need, worst case, they suck after 3+ months, they're only like 8 bucks.
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Yeah. I just use a soft fabric sample swatch. I wipe them down so they don't become sticky with sweat. Rust isn't an issue for my strings when I wipe them and apply GHS fast fret.
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Hey, I use fast fret to wipe my strings down. People ALWAYS laugh when I say this, but i really think It helps you play faster. It lasts forever if u keep it in its container too...its only about like 4 bucks and it comes with a microfiber cloth too to wipe the excess off. I use it before and after I play and it makes my strings last way longer and they stay bright.
i never do i play daily i dont reallyworry about it, i just change my strings when they start to wear out and rust a little...speaking of which i need to do soon
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I don't get sweaty hands like a lot of people do. they tend to stay pretty dry. so no, I don't wipe down my strings. I do lube them up with finger ease though
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Meh. I just use the corner of my shirt. I don't sweat a lot, unless I've been playing really fast.
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no. If my fingers get black it means I did good. Its like feeling sore after the gym. Good job
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If you're fingers are getting black, you either have extremely old/disgusting strings, or a really cheap guitar/fretboard.

To answer your question, I'll say what Rooster said. When I remember to. Which is not very often at all.
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