I just recently got a Peavey TNT 115 bass combo amp, that was stripped of its handle, grill, corners, basically a tolexed box with a newish looking Black widow. I'm considering putting the widow in another cab so I have two semi matching 8 ohm cabs, and putting a 4 ohm speaker I own into this.

I need some kind of metal cover for the grill, I'm looking at expanded metal? But how would I cut it and is it expensive?

Also whats a cheap place for corner covers, I'm wanting chrome if possible. For both I'd prefer going to a store, I live in Austin Tx for reference.

The cool thing about this cabinet, is where the amp itself used to be is a big empty space with only a tiny hole for the original speaker cable. So by completely grating off the front with the metal, I can make a door in the back and effectively fit my cables, pedal board and micro head inside the cab like a file cabinet within the cabinet .
That'd be badass "is that your speaker cabinet?" No. It's more of a drawer. Lawl, I vote you do it. But you probably should get some corners and such. As for the expanded steel, you could cut it with a hacksaw but that'd take a really long time. A cutoff wheel would work great if you had access to one.
whats a cut off wheel? and does like home depot, walmart or something sell corners? are they 1 size fits all?