Hey I don't Post much here but I promised my post, so here

My band is currently in the studio working on our first EP. (not the first time recording professionally though)
Our drummer quit a while back so we needed a way to get drum tracks recorded without him, a studio drummer is expensive as some of you may know and were already paying out of our ass for the studio (top quality place)
I asked around and found guys at a local college where I live that do REALLY good work.
They Specialize in Drum Tracks and Production.
we gave them a live video of the tune were starting with and within 2 days we had the stems to the drum tracks ready to go.
If you are looking for Pro Drum tracks to use in your mix check these guys out

here is their sound cloud, Im not sure If they have samples of their work up yet, but they should tonight or tomorrow

Those drums are addictive drums, they are ok but not the greatest. I wouldn't exactly call them "pro". The drum fills sound terrible and whoever programmed this needs to spend more time in the grid.
Sounds pretty amateur to be honest, nothing professional about that.

Also, no advertising (especially for useless crap noone needs).

Hey, look. Sigs are back.