I just joined also, but I've been grabbing tabs from this site since before puberty. Did you have a specific question that demanded you join some forum to ask? Or do you just like to discuss guitar-playing and whatnot?
well I'm a forum lurker I've seen UG before but never joined. When I learned a member here was stealing my songs and putting them up as his own I thought I might as well join
But of course I'm here mainly to hopefully contribute something. I've got lot of time at work for forums
Well, I suppose that's one of the benefits of Socialism. But someone was stealing your songs? Where'd you post them? Was it just a tab that you'd figured out for a cover, or something original? Either way, someone who expects gratitude from something stolen is worse, in my mind, than someone unable to contribute in the first place. I'd be signing my name on stuff in the future, and I'm sorry for your misfortune.
BTW, thieves in my book are lower than dirt. I've had property stolen from me, and wouldn't wish anyone else to feel the way I did. The fact that someone could steal an original song, tab, or even an idea or principal and claim it as their own is in my book, a tragedy. Thieves in any format should be penalized in some way, and the internet seems to be a free-for-all at this point in time unless you've got a copyright.