Like the title says.

I'm considering this for in house, strictly a small spare room practice amp that I can shove in a corner, pick up the guitar and just play.

I understand it might have limited clean headroom etc etc and that's ok. I have another amp for more serious stuff.

Just wondering what feedback is like from people who have owned/tried this amp before I consider it further. I see its reasonably priced and looks solid, but I've never tried one and am unfamiliar with the brand. Would like to know if there are any major caveats that might make me want to look at a different amp.

Mainly play my Gibby Les Paul Custom and Epi Korina V, varied from mellow clean blues through to metal if that helps any.

i've heard they're really good. i was considering picking up one both a year ago and a couple of weeks back (probably the same one you saw on Melband? lol), but i like pedals too much.

my only gripe with them is the 8" speaker. but maybe that's just me being a sizeist snob.
They look like a good thing to me and the clips sound good. Toroidal power transformer is a good sign. A 6L6 to get 5W, is unusual, they could have done it with a 6V6; a 6L6 will be loafing, it will probably last forever. External speaker jacks too so you could run it into a decent speaker cabinet.
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Thanks for the tips guys. I've also been reading nothing but good things about it thus far, only that the speaker is a bit meh, but those in the know compensated easily for this with a 1 x 12".

I put in an offer for it. Will see how it goes.

And also good to see the aussies on the thread
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