Hi All,

I am new to the RP1000.

So far so good, but for me I really need (well want) to replace my whole pedalboard with this if possible.

I am having no trouble setting up my tones, but could use some help on the best way to set up a solo boost.

I guess I could just set the effect level higher? But I'd much rather have a dedicated boost for those solos when I am using my amps tone and just need to get a bit of volume.

Any ideas, advice would be great!

2011 PRS CU24 (Black/Gold), Carvin Legacy 3
If youre not already using a tubescreamer, then you could set the level on it so that it's louder than the original patch. And then when the solo comes, just hit the distortion button. Try that.
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Few different methods:

1. New patch with volume boost (I recommend a bump in your mids as well)
2. If using a Wah, set the volume boost on that as well.
3. Tube Screamer (or other OD pedal)
4. Compressor to raise signal level.

Play with these and find the one you like best.
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The Sparkle Drive stomp is a an OD that allows a clean/od mix. Try maxing the clean and setting the boost level. Or use the compressor.