so some background info: my gf decided it'd be a good idea to move our living room about any my Vox VT50 ended up on the bay window.

now i'm not too bothered as lately it's been pissing it down so there's been no real heat getting to it, and as it's higher up it projects the sound to the room a bit more clearly than projecting the sound at my friggin ankles.

problem: if sunlight/heat can warp and damage guitars, can it do the same to amps??

like mess up the way the sound is projected or break something.

i know it sounds nooby and stuff but i've never had any of my amps in direct sunlight so have no previous experience of thinking "this is a bad idea"

it's just part of me is sitting here thinking "i need to move that or it'll damage" but another part of me is thinking "it'll be fine"


tldr: is my amp ok in direct sunlight or should i move it?
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guitars get warped due to the wood moving when exposed to heat or extreme weather conditions. I don't think it will be a problem with your amp, but as a precaution just put a cover on it when you're not using it.
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