Hey guys - I'm looking forward to digging through this site and seeing what I can learn.

I'm 52 and getting back into bass. I played a bit when I was young (a loooong time ago), mainly in a couple bands from the "If you can't play good, play loud" school of music. The biggest thing was I had a lot of fun.

Now I'm getting together with a friend (guitar player) once a week learning some songs. At my age I know I don't have the time left to become another Entwistle or Sheehan, but I'll be happy to just solidly anchor the bottom end.

My main interest is classic rock, with some blues. I've never had any formal training, but am looking for a good local teacher who can get me where I want to be. If I eventually get to be in a local cover band, playing out twice a month, I'll be pretty happy.

Sometimes I start to wonder what the point is of doing this at my age, but I was listening to Steppenwolf's "It's Never Too Late", and the lyrics meant a lot more than they did when I was 20.

"You're never too old to rock 'n roll if you're too young to die."
- Ian Anderson
Welcome back to the low end! And don't give up on being the next Billy Sheehan. You could easily live another thirty or forty years. That's a lot of practice time.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
Nothing wrong with starting an instrument, my father is the same age and he just bought himself a banjo and he has no musical experience.

Get yourself a local teacher, go to a musical instruments shop look for ads on boards etc.
You want to find someone who is flexible and doesn't neccassarily want to enter you in for grades and can just teach you what you need.
Welcome back to the fold. I agree with above statement, plenty of time to learn. And its tons of fun, the best old riffs to me are the simplest anyways! Good luck.