hey this is probably the best song i ever wrote (to me). i just wanted to embrace it.

Another Rock Song

(verse 1)
this is another little song,
a demon in the night,
this is another new born,
a new child of the light,
this a another rolling stone,
a hit in a spotlight,
this another rock song,
a song for you tonight.

everyone is raving now,
the volumes getting loud,
everyone is rocking now,
everybody want another rock song,
its getting rough,
the cops are coming up,
but thats not enough,
everybody wants another rock song.

(verse 2)
this is another new taste,
something you aint tried,
this is another hidden truth,
proves that you have lied,
this is another stored clue,
something you had to find,
this is another rock song,
so come and take this ride.


(insane solo)

(chorus)just drums and vocals


'Sho nuff another rock song. Good call. The lyrics fulfill their task admirably. May they peel many panties for you in the service of rock.

Nothing to see here. Move along.