What are some ways to get better at sweep picking? I can do 3 string and 4 string sweeps but 5 and 6 count me out. I get defeated after months of practice. What are some tips that you all used or use? Thanks.
Make sure the motion comes from the elbow, not the wrist. You're passing over a lot of strings, so you need the wider range of motion.
Speed is a by-product of shut the fuck up.
1 - Use rest strokes with the pick.

2 - Start very slowly

3- Practice with a metronome

4 - Dont even try to go fast until its relaxed, confident, comfortable and clean

5 - Watch what your picking hand is doing for the 3 and 4 string sweeps and make sure yo are doing exactly the same for the 5 string sweeps

6 - Practice just sweep in one direction for a bit before going for the full works

7 - Prioritise accuracy, not speed

8 - be patient with it
Hey man heres an extras from a 2 article series about how to master sweep picking:

"Sweep Picking Exercises Mindset

I am first going to talk to you about the mindset you must have in order to get fast at sweep picking without being frustrated about the process of reaching your desired speed limit.

The most important thing in this process is the component called FOCUS. The big problem is that most of us don’t know on what we need to focus when practicing a guitar technique.

The components you need to focus in order to not get frustrated about the process of learning sweep picking exercises
1. Focus on your left hand fingers FIRST

When first learning a shape the idea is to practice slowly ( don’t worry, I am going to give you a detailed blueprint of how slow you should practice) and focus on your fingers being as close to the fret board as possible.

Although it can be very frustrating at first, think of it as a long term investment in your playing and guitar technique (in chapter 2 in the ebook I also showed you 3 powerful exercises for mastering technique once and for all).
2. Focus on the sweep picking technique after you can play the shapes effortlessly SECOND

After concentrating on the 1 point for a while you will see that the shapes become second nature, same as you would play basic open chords positions.

Here is the part where you start sweeping (going up and down the string with your pick).

The MAJOR difference will be that you don’t have to focus on your left hand at all because you can play the shape effortlessly. This means you don’t have to distribute your FOCUS into 2 directions. You will have 100% focus on your left and right hands one after another.
3.The advantage of note values when practicing sweep picking exercises.

I once had a student that told me that he can play at 400 bpm effortlessly. I was amazed and curious to see him in action in the same time. When he started playing he was playing 4th notes ( which is one note/beat at 400 BPM, this means 200 BPM for 8th notes and 100BPM for 16 notes, which is not that fast).

He developed the bad habit of practicing the same note value over and over, and this made him unable to have a good sense of beat and caused him to have big rhythm problems when playing.

When it comes it comes to note values (I wrote an entire chapter in my book about it if you don’t know what they are) the best approach is to select a BPM and play the same phrase, lick, scale, arpeggio or whatever by using different note values. "

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Hope it helps