so i have a taylor 110ce and it is my baby no joke : p
i have seen some taylors with the pickgaurd on both sides i really like this look and i also play a lot of reggae ska and since it uses heavy upstrokes so i thought it would be a good idea to get another pickgaurd. the only thing is ive heard this can hurt your sound and this makes me a little skeptical of doing this so i was wondering if anybody had any tips stories or ideas. if its too sketchy ill just live w/o it no big deal : p

thanks bros!

btw hope this is the best place to ask...
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dont get the pickgaurd its fine the way it is.
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Quote by rocker222
dont get the pickgaurd its fine the way it is.
This, it would ruin the look of the guitar. And in ska and reggae you generally only upstroke the 1st - 3rd strings anyway so there's no need for it.
this is true. ill just keep it the way it is
thanks again!
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So you'll get your guitar scratched up, big deal. A guitars a tool not a vanity object. With tools you use them for what they're made for, in this case, making music, and with that tool you treat it well so that it allays does it's job right. Putting another pick guard on it would be treating it badly. Juss saying'
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