excuse me,
this was not an attempt to cheat on soul dragons
this was not an attempt to close the blinds on the snowfall
outside the window in highschool i was looking ahead to see
you face to face and i didnt like the acne scars
this was not an attempt to blaze scars in our thumbs
to remember eachother six years down the railroad
lining in the clouds

is dim tonight
and so we fight towards what we fight towards
because bright pupils in hospitals are flickering
like iowa thunderstorms in the summer
it goes like

library barbarism come up for air
when the raindrops blink smash up
the weather and the mind is working overtime
steam exfoliating ear drum rumble
can you hear me this me this me this
slug slime rap battle hangs like rings
in your old apartment shower
sings when you wine stumble
through years of unwashed stubble

I am the rubble but i’m loaded up with diamonds
thats why the mosquitos swarm pores
to plug in their digits and recieve value
over value infinity blood loss new regieme
in the forest maoist scream scream dream handle
turn it up
and i needed you to turn it off
i handed you my self-published book as a cry for help
but you shook your head
and jokes turned south
i hummed and hawed through a younger boy’s mouth
dead dry six feet under cycle
of my heart smiling like a tiger
but my teeth chattering like Troy Davis
awkwardness reminding me of an immaculate first kiss
reinstating your wish list to be anywhere but there
in a hardbacked chair reading chaucer
, my mistake,
excuse me,
this is ****ing awesome dylan. i'd have to come back to tell you if theres stuff you could tighten up (not in the right mindset for that right now) but honestly, this, these words and all the things they thrust into the air are why you are such a good poet. No kidding.

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Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
I don't want to be a good poet. i just want to be someone who people want to hear. i am blessed that you want to read even a stanza of this, man. thank you.

where did you end up on your tour and are you going to be in the new york area anytime?

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