Got my bugera 2 week ago and everything were fine, the sound were awesome then today whilst playin all power went!! What could this be? Im hopin that its just the fuse but has anyone any ideas?
a tube has probably blown. take it to as music shop or something, it doesnt matter if it lights up fine, its still probably blown
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so the amp does not power on at all?

was this a used amp or a 'new' amp?

if i had to guess i would say either the crappy tubes or poor factory bias blew a resistor or something

fuses can be replaced but fuses blow for a reason so just popping a new fuse in probably will not be the fix

you need professional help

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also it's 6262, no?

There's both a 6262 and a 6260, I believe the latter is the 6505 clone and the former 6505+.