I am considering recording my playing and then listen to it to spot mistakes, problem is i dont know what method should i choose. Will a mobile phone recording suffice? Should i use my computer to record? If so - what components in my comp will affect the quality?
You probably can get mobile apps which would do it, but while they may be convenient to playback at any time, I doubt the quality would be very good.

There are also software programs you can get which can be used, but you will need to purchase an interface to hook up to your PC for any kind of decent results. You will also need to ensure that your PC has enough processing power and an adequate soundcard if you think you will want to use your recordings for more than just listening to your mistakes.

My preferred option is to use a dedicated multitracker - you can pick them up 2nd hand from places like eBay for a reasonable amount of money and you've got everything you need in a purpose built single unit to make excellent quality home recordings.

If you're definitely only going to be using it to listen back to your playing though, look at downloading an application like Reaper - technically you're supposed to pay for it, but apparently the demo version never expires. Another one called Audacity is totally free, but it isn't very highly rated.
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