Got the call last night, but didn't have a chance to get to the local guitar shop before they closed, so picked this beauty up this morning:

Any guesses?

Yep, used RGA121H-CDO (crushed deep ocean, metallic flaked + ocean green)!

Pretty damn pristine. Got it for $600 + $30 for shipping, which is a very good deal here in Canada. The case had a couple dings, but the guitar itself is in 9.5/10 condition. No chips, no scratches and only wear on the bridge & pickups. When i went in, I started asking them to grab the usual accessories (Schaller strap locks etc etc) and was nicely surprised to find that it already had them installed.

I can't really give an in depth review, that's kind of hard to do on the day you get something new BUT:

The fit & finish is exactly what I'd expect out of a MIJ Ibanez prestige. The neck is thin & fast, The body seems a little heavy compared to my smaller s540. But a full sized RG body (plus archtopped!) that's made form mahogany will have some heft! Very comfortable to play. Haven't had a chance to plug it in, but I'll go out on a limb and say that I don't like the stock pups Probably will throw in a pair of BKPs, just not sure which ones yet. I'll still have to tweak things a little. The previous owner had set the action a little too low and I was noticing some dead spots. Quick adjustment and that was solved. I'll string it with a new set of 10s once I get home. The bridge Gibraltar also felt comfortable.

It'll be weird not having a trem arm to grab on this thing. And not having fine tuners on the bridge! Be a hell of a lot easier to change tunings tho
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I have never ever seen that finish before, it looks great


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Looks sick!

Thought the RGA32x's had Dimarzio/IBZ stock pups, though

I think the RGA32 has the Ibanez LoZ pickups. The RGA prestiges came with their Vintage V7 & V8.

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Sexy guitar, sexier camera.

Was cloudy, so I couldn't take any great shots. Used a Canon 5d mark 2 and one of the 50mm 1.2/L lenses. The lens is pretty damn sweet, the camera body is amazing. Neither are mine, they were from our digital imaging office. I own an older Canon 30d + 17-40 f/4L + 70-200 f/2.8L IS.
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Hmm for some reason there are a lots of Ibanez NGD lately And all of them are so fine!

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Quote by coolstoryangus
The RGA121s came with the v series
The RGA321s came with dimarzio/ibz
Neither are great really.

Aah, for some reason I read it as RGA321h :P

The Dimarzio/IBZ's aren't too bad tbh! Huge step up from Vs
Had a rg2570 way back when. Didn't rate them from what i remember, actually preferred the v series.

HNGD OP btw forgot that in my original reply.
How rude.
I love the finish on this.
Got 90mins of playing on it so far and I LOVE it. It's not as sleek and sexy as my s540, but 24 fret seems 'proper' for me. The pickups aren't as bad as I was dreading, but they will be replaced. Warpigs overkill for a mahogany guitar? The 121h doesn't have the maple top, so it's nice and dark sounding.

Also going to make the jump to 10s. Been playing 9s for over 20 years, this should be fun
Fleet of MiJ Ibanez
Couple of Balls
Peavey & EVH Wolfgangs
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