thought i might post another song because i feel depressed that i work loads on them and dont really get a chance to share them and get feedback


got a few guitars, bass, programmed drums, bit of piano in there somewhere! would love some general opinions on music/recording whatever

aaaaaand i will comment you back if you comment on mine!!

many thanks!!
-Nice intro, I think it fits very well with the title of the song, definitely creates a good atmosphere.
-Sounds really professional, very good audio quality and production.
-Wow, I really like the song song actually, it's hard to explain but I really do like it.
-I'm amazed at how professional it sounds, what kind of gear are you running, if you don't mind me asking?

Not really much to say really, I think the song is perfect as it is, both musically and in terms of audio. My only complaint, which is really just me trying to find tiny details just for the sake of critiquing, is that the harmonized guitar near the end sounds a tiny, tiny bit out of place, but I don't think any one will notice or care.

Good job!

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That delayed lead in the intro reminded me of Amorphis. Wouldn't call it "epic rock", but still pretty damn awesome. It sounds like some of the rhythm parts are just a tiny bit behind the beat, but really, I'm reaching for something negative to say.

As for that harmonized solo, try turning down the gain a bit and going for a slightly less dirty tone. Just for that one lead. I think it would fit better.
Loved it man, sounded awesome.
I love your clean tone!
What equipment are you using for this??