Hi everyone,

I've recently been hired for Emergenza and I am now working on promotion for the festival, so I'll talk about it here since it might interest people...
Basically, Emergenza is an international festival taking place in almost 30 countries. We organize shows in the "battle of the bands" concept and work with bands to help them play on interesting stages.
Being active in so many places, we get nice endorsement deals and have a lot of contacts, which allows us to provide backlines of very nice gear provided by brands such as Marshall, Mapex and Sabian.
To makes this short, people can register at www.emergenza.net to meet with a local manager and enroll in shows.
There isn't any catch to be honest; you have to sell tickets and people come at the gigs, raise hands to vote and the bands with the most votes win and go to the next step. The grand final is held in Germany at the Taubertal Open Air festival, which attracts tens of thousands of people.

That's pretty much the speech, if anyone has any questions, I'll reply to everything!
(I'm working in the region of Montreal by the way)

tl;dr: enroll, play with top-notch gear in venues of great reputation with lots of other cool bands: www.emergenza.net