Anyone want to guide me into the world of budget amps? I've already got a main amp set up I like, and a recording setup on my computer for headphone practice, just looking for a small modeller which is easy to transport and sounds good for what it is, under £70.

Looking to go used only, the amp must have an aux input as would like to jam with my ipod as well as using it to play music as well. Don't play any metal really.

I've had a Vypyr tube before, liked it, though it was better for metal than lower gain and I dont really want the cheaper one, so the Vypyrs can be ruled out. Heard good things about the Vox VT series I think it's called, I'm not great on budget amps so thanks in advance for any help.

fender mustang is gonna be the best modeler u can find. great tone, versatile, inexpensive, lots of features. i had a vypyr and absolutely hated it. so for the money, the mustang is going to give you the best bang for your buck
I'm not sure cause my vt30s not with me now but I don't think the vt's have an auxilary jack. They are very good amps for that market though. I'm not sure the tube does anything and I normally despise "modeling" amps but its my personal favorite solid state amp. I've upgraded but mine still gets a lotta use. I'm not positive of the conversion but a vt30 goes for less than $200 new in the US
Got a vypyr 15 for £50 posted.

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