Hey guys this is a nice little bring from my annoying what amp threads. So i just defretted a squier p-bass neck and I'm going to put it back on to the P-body promptly. Now I don't know strings for fretless basses but I'm going for a jazz tone so I was thinking flats of some sort.

Also I'm looking for a P-style pickup with a sort j-bass growliness and treble responsiveness. Now I know this isn't very likely with a P-bass pickup but any suggestions would help.

Thanks guys.

tl;dr flats and precision pickup for fretless bass.
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Is the route for your pickups square or shaped like the pickup?

if it's square you can knock off just a little bit of wood and put a Music Man pickup in there, just cut your pickguard to fit it and hit the body with a chisel.
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