I am using a sm58. Anyone else want to share?
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I've been using Behringer B2 with Tube Ultragain mic200 for a time now and I'm extremely happy with it. Using it for recording guitars and vocals.
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Anyone tried the top of the range mic's? I want to take the music to another level
Are you talking about live or recorded? Obviously for recordings going for a REALLY nice condenser mic will give you a much nicer sound, but for live an SM58 is great. Just look at many famous bands live footage and you will notice that MANY professionals use the SM58. So I think that says a lot about it, along with the fact of how many companies have tried to clone it.
a 57 can also work well on vocals.

Rode M1 is another popular Dynamic alternative

also look at the 520dx (shure) ives a cool distortion effect

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I have a Beta58 and an EV 767a. I like the 767a on recordings better, but it takes a bit of finesse to use well. Beta is darker overall.