I'm searching for a guitar book that has solos and riffs (or other types of accompaniments), more in the style of rock (and heavier maybe). The goal is to make an instrumental repertoire of basic/medium stuff, where one guitar plays an previously written solo, and other guitar plays an accompaniment specifically made for that solo.

I have lots of books on blues with this setup (some of them don't have comps, but have nice one chorus solos, and are perfect).

In one of these books (Blues you can use) there is this one piece that is more like a rock, and its definitely things like this i'm looking for:


The video is played over a back track, but the guitar in the back track is also transcribed in the book, which is great because you can learm both solo and comp guitar.
Couldn't find dutch book on google.

Troys books are very nice, but i was looking for a bit more on the rock side. But nice call, thanks

Any more help?