What are your guy's/gal's opinion? I am looking to put a HB in the bridge of my 20th Anniversary Squier, it is only routed for SSS. This is a guitar I got to screw around with, I have another main strat that I use for most of my playing, but I want to try a Single Size HB in a strat, ala Kurt Cobain... and maybe using it for a bit of Metal, nothing too heavy, Judas Priest/Anthrax kind of thing.

Budget is about $100. Really open to any brands, I was looking at the DiMarzio Super Distortion, as I heard Kurt used one.

probably either the super distortion, the chopper, or fast track 2 would be good for you
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Seymour Duncan Hot Rails is worth a look into too.

Hot Rails are probably the best choice
Hot Rails sounds good. I like SeymourDuncans explanation... Any other suggestions? What about GFS's Hot Rail copy? I am not trying to cheap out, but if it is good, I will play it.