i have a pack of slinky's titanium coated .10's and a pack of the same in .11's. i have helix .11's one my acoustic right now but they strings just feel too tight and are limiting my playing. i am primarily an electric player so i would prefer to have slightly less tension on my strings.

will using these "electric" strings alter the sound negatively? i really only use it for home use so I'm not concerned with anything but my own ear
yes, electric strings won't sound as good on your guitar. there's no reason not to get acoustic extra lights, which are also 10's. try a set of d'addario phosphor bronze extra lights - they're very easy playing strings.

btw, it's possible the problem isn't the strings, but is the guitar's action. for years, i went with lighter and lighter strings as my guitars were hard to play. turns out if you adjust things at the nut and saddle, the strings will be closer to the necks and your guitar will be unbelievably easier to play. btw, if it's humid where you live, this could also contribute to higher action.
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my guitars action truly sucks. its a yamaha acoustic from the early 80's. eventually i will purchase a new acoustic but for right now I'm trying to deal with wat i have. i have sanded down the ivory saddle piece to try and lower the action but it makes no difference. i've also adjusted the truss rod and still no difference. i don't want to spend the money to have it adjusted.

at some point I'm probably going to purchase an ovation from my local music shop for a couple hundred bucks but i want to try and work with this for now. because my money is short and my list is long. and it starts with tattoo>skis>les paul or sg> acoustic

so any suggestions?
andrerist A picture would help of the guitar action, bridge/saddle height & nut height. also the body from the side (looking for bellying) Lastly the along the neck

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if it can be adjusted professionally, you can adjust it yourself with patience. if it can't be, it probably needs a neck reset.

btw, the relevant parts at frets.com, just in case you haven't seen it.


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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!