Hey guys,

The guys and I in Black Bourbon Devils have posted the first single off of our upcoming EP. It's called "Adeline" and can be found on our Facebook's Band Profile tab and ReverbNation page!

Please check it out and let me know what you think. Willing to C4C!

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I was wondering if anyone had posted anything about this. I will also offer up a C4C deal. So that is 2 for the price of one. A BBD BOGO, if you will.
I like the intro bass riff! Some of the higher frequencies (guitar & cymbals) sound a bit brittle, but I'm sensitive to that. The song itself is good, so is the singing, as is the lead guitar. Rhythm guitar is good also. I do think the cymbals are a little loud. Overall, it's a good recording! Please review my music at this link:

Thanks for listening. We are still waiting to have that tune professionally mixed and mastered. Hopefully that will clean up some of those high frequencies. We all noticed they were a little harsh and brittle as well. You have a lot of diverse tunes on your soundclick page. From what I have listened to, I dig the synth lines a lot, and the tone you have on the surfy stuff.
I love that bass intro, man The drums too, but I agree with the other guy, the high frequencies on those cymbols sound a little brittle.

I gotta say, this is one of the catchiest southern rock songs I've ever heard. Keep up the good work
Like the sound you guys have, reminds me of STP and Seether. The vocals were crisp and clear and the bass intro rocked. Like everyone else said, the cymbals and rhythm guitar are mixed in a bit roughly. The song concept is perfect, just needs some mixing work.
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