My local craigslist has an Ibanez BTB575 in FM black/grey with a hardshell case. I like the tone of The G&L Tribute-2500 and was planning on saving up for that. But does this Ibanez with its Bartolini Mk-2s sound similar? And I notice the string spacing is wider, Im not sure if I'll like that or not. And as of right now, its probably gonna be this Ibanez, or a CV fender Jazz. I need a bass.

The Ibanez is going for $400.
Imo there isn't much that sounds like a G&L L-2500 but a BTB is a good bass in it's own right.
The jazz might be closer in tone than the BTB to the G&L.
Thanks for the reply. In that sense I may stick with getting a CV.
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Honestly, if I were you, I'd save up for the G&L. If I had that, I'd never have to buy another bass again.
Well it IS an awesome bass. And not too expensive. Ill see. I mean I have a 4 string acoustic anyways.
Had a BTB 475 for ages. Then it broke under warranty and I haven't seen it since. They are amazing basses and the only bass i've played where i've really loved the B string on it.
The BTBs are good, but they don't really sound like the G&L I tried (G&L and Warwick are the only brands havng me consider 4 or 5s over a 6 for my next bass). Haven't tried a G&L 5 string yet, but the BTB 5s have quite a chuncky neck on them. I actually found the BTB676 much more comfortable than my BTB775 - much flatter profile and the extra width make it feel much skinnier.
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The G&L 2500 is amazing. There honestly is VERY little discrepancy between the Tribute and US model, too. The US model basically justifies the extra expence in the finish and neck options.

The BTB ain't bad at all... but the G&L is a WHOLE lot more bass for the price.

IMHO, the two best 5ers out there are the G&L 2500 and the Peavey TL-5.
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