Mainstream political parties bothering you? I represent an independence.

Pit monkeys, in our glorious server hosting of Russia, democracy has always been an awkward issue. But today that changes, anyone can be president. And im proud to announce my candidacy for president. Why? Because.

What will I accomplish under my presidency? Probably nothing, but there honestly isn't much that needs to be accomplished. The pit is maturing into sensible young monkeys, and I recognize that.

So ladies and gentlemen, vote for me and do nothing. Except raise the confidence of the many that can do whatever they want to do.

Oh, and I wanted to say some words about my fellow candidates.

Thanks guys. And if you don't want to vote for me, then thats cool.

I've never personally talked to him, but from what i've seen he has a great taste in music.

His nude scandal has created a taboo, but I still think hes cool. Not to mention that he has served the site through out the years and is a great musician.

He represents a minority that I can't possibly reach, and does a hilarious job at it.

Mistress Ibanez
Beautiful and educated. What more could you ask for?

The best stories and experience possible.

A good sense of humor and respects the concept of opinions very well.

I think I wrote his name on my nipple once. That means that I like him.

due 07
Made a fantastic pun in his campaign thread's title. It was a knee slapper.

I don't actually know him at all. Im sure he is cool though.
Well this is awkward.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

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I bet you're used to that by now.

We used to be friends genghis, what happened to us?
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Come on, you don't remember how this works? You can me a loser, I can you a loser, we loser it up together. Fun times.

I miss the Meebo thing.

The times are changing genghis.

You gay wad.
Oh please. I liked Radiohead before Thom Yorke did.

You ain't got nothin' on this.
I would vote for you. But you left
You left and didn't come back until you wanted us to vote for you. Not just for this, but for some competition too. All you do is use us
RIP Gooze

I've been posting a bit lately. And im trying to get back into UG.

Im sorry and I love you. <3
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How/where do I vote for you?

Write in candidate like Rick Parry with an A for America!
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Write in candidate like Rick Parry with an A for America!

Yes, but where?

I don't see any ballot papers or voting threads.
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JacobTheMe can't decide what he wants.

tyler_j: Probably doesn't even know he's a running candidate but would make a damn fine President.

I've talked to Tyler before, and he's a pretty cool guy.