ok so i decided, as soon as im done paying off my PRS, im going to build my own 7 string. so im trying to figure out my sources and the parts/toola and all right now.

its going to be a 24 fret set neck 7 string explorer. ebondy fretboard, mahogany body, 3pc maple or mahogany neck.

i have never attempted a guitar build before, tools right now are pretty limited, can anyone give me an idea of what tools i will need for this? nothing im going to buy preassembled so everything will be from scratch.

for reference itll probably look a fair bit like this guitar (i tried to think of ways to make it slightly different, but thats pretty much it it will be tweaked slightly but its pretty much bang on for me

some tweaks will include passives, reverse headstock, chrome or black hardware, and not pick guard.

but yea, if anyone could give me some good sources for the wood, and what tools ill need and such, it would be greatly appreciated (for reference im in mississauga ontario if it makes finding wood sources easier)
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youre probably going to want to buy a premade neck. or at least a preslotted fretboard and go from there.
necks are probably the most difficult part. i bought a neck for my first, and built my second (almost done with that build now). only thing i didnt do was slot the fretboard.

the more tools you buy the easier, but also more expensive. you can spend a lot on tools.
a router is a necessity. a good drill. and the only other thing i really had was a small belt sander.

if youre good at being creative, youll do just fine. i had to make tools and stuff along the way.
go to some peoples build threads, pay attention to what they use as they go along. that will help