im looking to swap the bridge pickup in my schecter s-1 elite.

i really like the way the stock pickups in a gibson lp studio, and i was hoping i could get similar results with either those pups or different ones (seymour duncan Jb or blackouts, dimarzio super distortion, or the pickup i already have aside if i dont buy another, a dimebucker)

besides the dimebucker, what can you guys say about the other pups? or compared to the gibsons. Or any other recommendations.

I play in a pop rock/ pop punk band that uses a generally fat and heavy tone (not brutal heavy)

i guess my budget is around $100

and if it handles every genre that would be a plus, we do bar shows occasionally and we throw in covers during regular shows too.

i dont know if this matters, but the guitar im putting it in has a coil tap that i do use sometimes.

i dont know if this is helpful but i would really like to be able to get this sound out of it, or similar to it, when i need it


i like how you can hear like everything in the clearly and it doesnt sound like a mess =)\

thanks guys!
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Since your sig shows you have a 6505 Im going to say honestly you dont need a high output pickup at all. A lot of people like the JB ( I dont think its bad I just find it unimpressive), but im gonna say you should check out a Pearly Gates. I tried a friends guitar for with a Pearly Gates in both positions and it sounded great I thought. Probably the best humbucker ive heard from Seymour Duncan.

Your going to get a lot of reccommendations for Bare Knuckles and with good reason, they are good pickups. I have no experience with them so I will leave that to everyone else.
I personally loved the JB for pop punk, i now use irongear 'hot slag's and they're a quite similar pickup!
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I don't use a lot of gain on my amp. I like to slam the front of the amp hard so I don't need the pre gain high at all.

I've heard about bare knuckles too. I just want extreme clarity.

Like I can easily hear the difference when I play thru my friends Gibson lp studio and my tele with prs starla pups In it. I love my teles sound so I want my schecter to sound a little different
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H&K Tubemeister 5
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I use a JB in my G-400 and I like it, not my favorite p/u but still very nice. Look at the Dimarzio Super Distortion also, a very good choice for what you want. The Duncan SH-6 Distortion is also a good choice, Rise Against's guitarist uses them in everything he has.
Maybe even look at some PRS p/u's HFS/Dragon II are realy nice and versitile.

On a budget GFS makes some really nice p/u's the Fat Pat is great and articulate. Also the VEH is really nice. There p/u's are less than $40 each for the most part.

I have never used BK p/u's, but after hearing some demo's I am very interested. But they are very expensive.
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+1 to not buying high output pups.
+1 to Pearly Gates.

I too have a high output amp and using the Pearly Gates instead of stock high output pups has done wonders for my tone and versatility. I used to have to turn my gain down to 0.5 to play blues, 2-3 to play rock, and 5 was my modern metal level. Taking the high output pup out of the mix lets me use the gain a little more to my advantage. Plus the Pearly Gates really is probably one of Seymour Duncan's Top 3.
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