So, if anyones been paying to my amp modifying/build, then you'll know what this is about...but I finally finished, so without further adue, let me take you through my journey.

I started off with a Yamaha GA-10 practice amp...ok of a amp, but still a piece of crap...here's what the board looked like.

After a few parts came in, and some time with my crappy soldering iron, this is what became of it. Some new film caps, and all the diodes got replaced with vintage germanium ones out of a Peavey mixer board. And all the resistor values I had, I replaced with metal film ones.

Some more mods later, replaced a few of the input caps, and put in a OPA2134, the correct way.

Then these came in today, I wuv new parts.

This is what happened to those new parts...everything except one cap has been replaced at this point..

Now on to the new cab part of this build. This is what the amp used to look like sitting on top of my Trace Elliot.

I then gutted my Ibanez ACA10, for the cab...and put in a Jenson MOD-8 20 watt speaker.

I then improved this designe, buy stealing the grill cloth off the Ibanez's front panel, and roughly put it on the new cab face...and shored up some loose ends, and added vent holes, so that puppy can pump out the low end.

I also chopped the original amp case, and made it into a mini head, secured together the old fashion redneck way, dowel pins and black silicon. Topped it off with a Ultra Violet LED, and we have ourselves a beast of a amp.

And now onto the clippies!

Clean, with BKP Trilogy Suite single coil: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ethan_hanus/music/all/play1045869

Pushed clean, like with a tube amp, sounds almost exactly like a pushed tube amp BKP Painkiller humbucker: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ethan_hanus/music/all/play1045870

Dirty, this is what it's gain channel sounds like, lacking some balls, but a million times better than what it started out as: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ethan_hanus/music/all/play1045871

Full song mix, pushed cleans: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ethan_hanus/music/all/play1046060

That's it, I'm not gonna hold your hand though this, so ya'll be on your own.

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Quote by LeviMan_2001
I might swap out for some germaniums on my yamaha amp and see how that sounds! But come on man, all that work and you could have done a waaaaaay better job on the cab, no offense.

I know...I ran out of money at this point...so I had to use what I had..I tired to make it look nice...

All in all, all the mods including the speaker cost me around $100, it's mainly the caps that cost me all the money, those aren't your standard run of the mill caps, those suckers are 1% tolerance caps, and the square ones are .25% tolerance, not cheap.
Quote by LeviMan_2001
Haha do you really think the caps helped much (read: at all)?

Yes, they actually did, they smoothed up the amp a ton. Especially the filter caps, or whatever they were, the old ones were all dried up, and those ceramic caps have horrible tolerances.

If caps didn't ever do anything, then why would they make higher quality ones, everyone would use the crappy cheap ceramic caps for everything.
On the fifth picture: The big blue cap to the far left is really cool as a tone cap, almost a mid-boost type sound. I used to have one of these amps, then I gutted it, then the leads on that cap broke off when transplanting it to another guitar. Does anyone know what type of cap this is? I'd love to buy some more.

On a more related note, the head looks sick.
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No idea what kind of cap it was. It was almost impossible to read the wording on it, cause it was a light gold, like...very very light, and very very small... I thought it was just a oversized ceramic cap covered in rubber.

Anyways, updated the main post with a new MP3, of what the pushed channel sounds like in a full mix, blues style.
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