I was invited to attend a Preview Day at the academy and I have a couple of questions if someone doesn't mind answering them.

1) The schedule says that it begins around 8:00. I'm speculating that it is in the morning, is that correct?

2) How was/is it? One of the faculty at my current high school said that three people have went there (from our school). One loved it, and the other two either cracked under the pressure or failed.

3) How was I chosen? There are other students with higher GPAs than me and have not to their knowledge received a letter (even though I do maintain a fairly high GPA)

So is there any Alumni or students about to attend that can help? (on a side note: I've already red through their website)
I know a guy who did this I believe. It's basically going to Ball State University for your junior and senior year of highschool right (or atleast on BSU campus)? I know he got college credits there while still in high school, and then transferred to Purdue. I believe, but do not know for sure and don't mean to insult you or anything, it is aimed at lower income families with kids with high GPAs I believe.

That's about all I know of it.

I am pretty sure it is 8 AM btw
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Would it be to hard for you to contact a student from your High School that had been there(the one who loved it is the best bet of course)?
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1. Yes
2. It was great though I've never heard of the school.
3. You were chosen via a mechanical claw.

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