I've noticed a lot of bands that I listen to use really low tunings like drop A and drop B, so I was wondering what you guys thought good strings would be for tunings like that.

ghs boomers or DR drop down tunings i use a 13-70 set of boomers for drop B
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I use Beefy Slinkies, but some would insist on a higher gauge for going that low. I think you need to try a few gauges out for yourself and see what you want to use. I wouldn't go lower than .11's for those tunings, personally.
Typically, it's best to use thicker gauge strings when going into lower tunings. No one ever sounded metal while playing with spaghetti for strings. I personally use D'addario .060-.012's and also DR .065-.013's.
I use D'addario 13-56 for B standard. The 56 could be a hair thicker but it's alright.
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