hey guys,

I love the strat, the guitar is one of my all time favorites, but i dont know how it'd handle the music i like to play. I like to play some blues, but mostly hard rock like 3 days grace, metallica, a7x, ozzy osbourne, .etc. I saw that Jim Root strat, but i think its a little out of my price range, and i really like that worn look. so would it be better to buy one of those previously worn guitars from fender or try to find a real worn guitar from craigslist and put new pickups in? thanks guys
id go with the find a guitar on craigslist or wherever and change the pickups. i can get some pretty heavy tones outta my strat with just the stock single coils, but throw in some different pickups to suit your needs and i dont think you'll be dissapointed
i really like those aged white strats that almost look yellowy. but i cant find any to save my life
Sure you can find a HSS used Strat or a decent Squier floating around for a good price.
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i really like those aged white strats that almost look yellowy. but i cant find any to save my life

i have a yellowed out white strat. its a early/mid 90's model. absolutely beauitful. they were made a lot better then than they are now (i have owned a stupid amount of MIM's, they just come and go with trades).

you can find them for $250 if you are patient.
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im looking around a budget of 750. so i think im gonna try to wait for one of those old yellowed strats