Alright, so basically, I'm about to get my first tube amp. The Vox AC4, I've played it maybe two or three times, and it truly sounds amazing. With great cleans and killer distortion, it's perfect for the Led Zeppelin/Jeff Beck/Cream/White Stripes/The Who style music my band plays. I know it can be used for apartment/bedroom jamming, but is it loud enough to play with a band? My band 's got a drummer, a bassist, and a singer, plus me the guitarist. I want to make sure i'll be loyd enough. I know it breaks up a bit early, but if you turn down the guitar volume controls, it evens it out.

Please let me know, so I can know what to do.
Full wattage, fully cranked, you'll kinda be able to hear yourself in a band situation (at least that was my experience).
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It can work with a band, if you have it up on some kind of pedastool so it's closer to ear level, and if your drummer doesn't hit hard.

It's not enough for a gig unmic'd though.
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