I though it meant Sammick Indonesia but upon further reading I found out those are ISXXXXXX but I'm pretty sure the "02" part means 2002. Anyone know anything about these? It's a Squier Bullet (I know that makes it pre 2007) not Bullet/Strat

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Nope it's inspected and everything it's a real squier. but if it was fake how would I know?

Did you try google? I know theres ways of finding Fender serials, maybe Squier would work too.
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SI is still an Indonesian code, which is more common on older Bullets. However, that's pretty much all you can deduce from Serial Numbers, where it was made an when it was made.
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It's a squier, why in hell are you interested in it?

Do you like anime/manga?
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you have a fake bro
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Your Squier is Indonesian and made at the Sammick factory.

the next two digits will be the year, then the two after that will be the month.

So for an example.
the remaining digits are the production number.

Obviously these numbers are made up since I don't have the actual serial number in question.
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