I never got the 25k stock pots changed out of my guitar when I went passive. Is there any huge difference in tone between 250k and 500k pots? What about different values for volume pots vs tone pots?
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There's a huge leap from 25k to 250k. And you'll get more treble basically out of 500k. In fact, if you're a diehard, put in 1 meg pots. It all depends on how much treble and full sound of your pickups you want. Personally, it's okay to use 1 meg pots, because then basically you can dial in any sound in between, and get full in your face with it wide open.
But it's all a preference thing.
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And usually there's no difference between resistance values between a tone pot and a volume pot; what matters with the tone pot is the value of the capacitor.
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first off, the value of the volume control is a fixed resistive load on the pickups, the higher the load the brighter the sound. with a 25k pot it's going to be extremely muddy sounding.

the tone control provides a variable resistive load, as you turn it closer to 10 the resistance increases the load on the pickup but also stops less of the trebles flowing out the capacitor to ground. a 250k tone pot at 10 will have the same effect as a 500k tone pot at 5.

the general rule of thumb is 500k pots for humbuckers, 250k for single coils to tame some of the shrillness.
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Does it matter which pot gets the ground wire?
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Does it matter which pot gets the ground wire?

No. You'll end up grounding stuff to all of the pots; since you'll connect them all to the one the ground wire is soldered to, it doesn't really matter which one it's one.

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