WARNING: The wall of text you are about to read contains more than enough words to explain my situation. Please do not read while driving or operating equipment becuase boring you to sleep may occur.

Today I just sold my first guitar and my second and only other guitar is on cragslist along with this iPod I'm using (Which by the way only Bruce Lee and Mohamed have asked about no joke) and I realized I have no idea what to get once I sell my Squier. Basically I was wondering for a third guitar I want something that will be a little nicer but still a little cheaper I'm on like a $150 spending limit and I think I want some effects and a new amp (I'm using an Estaban G-10 watt amp and I'm sure you've never heard of it because it came with the acoustic guitar my grandma bought my dad off the tv) but I don't know what to get. And p.s. I kinda need a guitar fast after I sell mine cause I'm trying to start a band and Im in my youth groups worship band.

150 bucks for a guitar....... if you want something nice the spending limmit should be at 300 bucks. do not get a combo amp/guitar kind of thing. thats not a very good deal, the amps are usualy very bad.
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You're gonna want a bigger budget, otherwise you'll end up with a piece of plywood with some horrid pickups on it.

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